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Do Not Laugh
This is a serious question and one that was presented to me by a co-worker on what to do and how to continue.
At first I laughed so uncontrollably until I had tears rolling down my face then I realized he was dead serious as it happened the day before.
This fellow has Lupus disease. I have no idea if this is part of the symtom.
He was putting together a proposal for a bathroom remodel and as he stepped into the tub and squatted in the tub he let one rip.From what he explained it was not only loud but odiferous. The client was in the bathroom and lit out of there like a cannon ball being fired.
As you can assume and I am sure you are at least smiling.All I could do was laugh and say Stinkey there really is not much followup to that. But I may have asked her if she wanted a larger exhaust fan to insure that not being a problem in the remodeled bathroom.
In all seriousness what would you have said to this fellow?And could you have been serious?
The proposal and presentation are being typed up as I am writing this thread.
Would you send the same sales person back to the client? I have voiced a strong yes. To show the client that we are a strong confident company. - by rich34232
no takers? You all are way to serious - by rich34232
I would send the guy with another sales rep next time. The client will see that it's a team effort.

At least he did it in the right room! I would ignore it and never bring it up again. Having two people go next time will keep anyone from bringing this up, although I don't know why anyone would anyway. And it will make the client a bit more comfortable. - by Thufir
Rich, this is an individual with a disability (Lupus is an incurable disease).

The proper action would have been to briefly explain to the client that he has Lupus and gas (a natural by-product of digestion) is difficult to control for those afflicted. The alternative is to have the individual seek disabilty and not work at all.

I would make the call with the individual.

Unfortunately, the world at-large isn't prepared for the broad implications of living with a disability. You need to realize that the definition of "disability" extends from "profoundly disabled" to mild.

I am disabled as a result of cancer surgery in 1990 (5 1/2 hours, a couple of hundred stitches/staples, 8 weeks off work). I contemplated long term disability but chose to re-enter the workforce because I simply didn't see myself as "profoundly disabled". I'll spare you the details but I have found myself in potentially embarassing situations over the 19 years since my surgery (eg. "holding the microphone" in front of a crowd and had a similar surprise occur).

We go through our lives as if we're invulnerable, then, the doctor tells you otherwise. You simply learn how to live with the reality because you know the alternative isn't acceptable.

Good luck & Good selling!
Pat - by OUTSource Sales
The rest of the story. After talking with the sales technician about this I recommended he go backk by nimself to complete the ownership exchange. He is confident enough in his abilities and rightly so. He closed the call a 12 grand repiping of a 2 bath house.

There was no need to discuss what happened on the prior visit and no repeat performance.

I understand having a disability.I have two hips and have had back surgery and in the 90;s something worse for the majoiry of a year until removed.
It is all good when you show confidence in anothers ability. - by rich34232
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