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How do you respond to sales anxiety?

Do you sometimes lie awake at night worrying about that big sale you've yet to close?

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear before you pick up the phone or make that sales call?

Anxiety can cripple us emotionally and hinder our sales productivity. Although everyone experiences moments of anxiety in their lives, we don't have to let fear control our lives.

Can you share a story on how you got through a particularly fearful situation in a sale or in your sales career?

How have you freed yourself from the grip of anxiety?

Your examples can be a big help to all of us.

Glenn - by GlennB
well when you have sales anxiety, id say its usually from lack of sales experience... or perhaps just being out of the sales world too long...

when you get this nervousness, you just start to lighten up and think to yourself "what the heck, im prepared for the worst...but at the same time, if nothing else, im just gonna see if this next presentation is a lay down deal real quick..." the anxiety usually comes from the pressure people feel to perform.... id say its natural feeling that anyone has when theyre in the spotlight so to speak...

its hard to see how, other than through experience and training you are going to build the confidence to get th