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I did 2 visit close and a one call close today.

A little share of my day as a salesman. A one call close and a two call close:

I did a 2 call close today and let me share how it went down, this was my best try at this and I executed the contract on my 2nd visit:

Showed up on time at 4:30 on Friday (yesterday) and the Mr. was standing out front when I arrived, he said we expected you yesterday (Thursday). I responded like so: Oh let me start by apologizing in case it was a miss hap on my end, but I assure you today is the day I put in the planner while on the phone with the misses. He said well it worked out great, I'm home early today and just got home come on in.

We got in and he took control right away! Started walking through the house telling me what he wanted done, he was saying but my hands were full of my salesman case and measuring stick I said sir where can I sit my things down at. It was only 4 rooms so I wrote it down when I sat.

I said let me get some things out here and show you some pictures and go over my company, he said Oh no need I just want a "price". Now I knew it was time to take control of this if I was going to earn his work. I say price, sir do you care if I use subcontractors or my own staff, he said no I don't, I said do you only care about price, because if so I will not be the cheapest. He said Price is a big part of this, I said have you had a chance to speak with anyone or another painter about this project or do you have a set magic number budget? He said no to all of that and now I feel closer to a closing situation. I then said sir we are close if I can have you take a seat I need to ask you a few questions concerning your expectations in the end of this project. He was now happy and sat down.

When I stood up and said I'm going to measure the walls and work you up a price, my photo's will be right here if you decide to check them out, Sir now when I get done estimating for you today I will go ahead and ask you to buy, does that sound like a plan? he said sounds great very humbly and then he walked outside on that note. I started to leave at that moment because I figured this guy was like so many other no sale estimates I had been on (I now know they could of signed to). Then I thought to myself If I can hang around long enough the wife will show up from work or I could get the estimate ready and go over it when I get the 2 legged set back up, anyhow I decided in a brief instant this would be the time to try and execute the two call close method.

I measured, went to the car printed out the bid, stuck it in a file jacket and kept it in my hand. When I walked inside he was now relaxing in the living room, so I sat next to him on the fire place brick and said:

Sir I have got you all worked up and will do you a fantastic job, looks like the best price you can get this done for will be as much as $5,400.00 or as little as close to $3,000.00 depending on how much of our discount program you participate in. He said that sounds reasonable, let me try and get a hold of the wife.

We'll no answer, I sat there and did a backwards warm up and learned his whole life, kids and all. The wife come to find out is not only a Principal but if you take this road to the end go left across the tracks thats her school he said, now I know I'm hitting a home run with this guy because he is enjoying my company, after all I am really a very professional visitor.

After 1.2 hours I said, I'm going to step out back have a cig and maybe see a turkey out back, He lives in a wooded area and we had been talking about turkeys as big as his truck,lol.

Wife never showed up, I said sir we could go ahead and set you up for just the must room you want done and lock in some discounts on all the work, incase you decide to do it all over the next few days, or I could come over in the morning, Will you all be arounbd tommorow or at your lake house?

2nd visit:

I showed up at 9:40 for my 10:00am'er he and she pulled up at 10am and we all walked inside, she was very interested in my pictures and complinmented me on them and my book of testimonials atleast 5 times, I knew this was going to be a good close, and It was.

They signed on the four rooms and an extra room as well at a great price for me and it is a fair price for what I will do for them.

The new price before discounts was $5895.60 at $2.35 per square foot on walls in Louisville, Ky., no finish painting required.

Most painters charge $1.00 a sq. ft.

The price with after the discounts was $4350.95 They signed, and they are moving all the furniture, nic naks and all. 10% signing today bonus, 5%,5%,5%,3% discounts totaling 18% off for 4 of my discounting options that are by the way woth there weight in gold. I took off the 18% then the 10% to come up with the total price. I'm not low balling and have yet to lose on a project that I have ever sold just FYI, that's 2700 jobs and counting.

Now I did not mention everything that was said, but on what I mentioned is what I think may be the key things I wanted to share. I think the moral for me to remember here is that everyone can be closed, and I have not used this process on one legged appointment's enough.

Enjoy my share if you can, I hope this is some good info for one of my painting or closing buddies to make their next sale. I know It does not matter if you visit 2 or 1 or even 3 times as long as you make the sale, if all the moons and stars are in line though there is no reason it should not be signed on 1 visit with a great recipe.

PS. my next lead for the day was a small remodeling Leed one call close, early on during the warm up the budget was $7500.00 the contract was $9753.49. - by Mr. Mike
Thank you for sharing and you bring up an important point which is that many people who you might have thought otherwise will buy if you will just give them the chance. - by Houston
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