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How do I increase the % of my internet and call lead apntmnts to people that show?

Asked in General forum with no luck on responses, maybe you guys can help.

First off, I am in automotive sales. We get leads generated via email and phone-ups. Now typical lead we call the cutomer and get information on vehicle they are wanting and set-up an appointment so they can come in. I average 10-15 leads a day, and usually convert 90% of those into appointments. However of those I get approximately 50% to show. So off the 10-15 leads a day I set up probably 9-13 appointments. But off the 9-13 appointments I get about 5-7 off them to show up. Typical Phone conversation:

"Hello, is Mr. Customer available? Yes this is John calling from Clark Chevrolet, we recieved information that you are intrested in such and such unit, is that correct? Great I have about 30 of them in stock!! Now what about his unit intrests you? Perfect! Now just for your information, I also have (name another unit similar to their intrests) as well, that might also fit your needs. Now what type of equipment where you wanting in your (original unit lead was on)? Hmmm.. I have about __ differnt models that fit that criteria. Now the most important thing for me is to ensure that we get you on the right vehicle, can you make it in today or would tomorrow be more convient? Ok, perfect, now can you make it in the morning or would afternoon be better? Great, now let me check my schedule. Mr. Client, I have two openings, one at X o'clock and one at Y o'clock. Thank you so much for your time Mr. Client, now if you have any questions or are running late feel free to call me at xxx-xxxx and ask for John. Have a great day"

And for confirming the appointment it's:

"Hey Mr. Client, it's John from Clark Chevrolet, how we doing? Perfect! I wanted to make sure that I had the units ready for you to look at for our X o'clock appointment. Now did you need directions on how to get here?"

Usually on conformation call I get two or three that cancel, and even of the ones I confirm I get one or two that are no shows. Does anyone see something I can do different with my call? I know you will always get some no shows, but just wondering if I can reduce that %. - by jrboyd
There is no focus on the customer, how they decided that was the vehicle for them, or any discussion of their buying process. It is all about your buying process.... bring em in and don't let em out until they buy a vehicle. To get better results you have to ask better questions.

Maybe.... Hi, this is John from Clark Chevrolet. I am calling for Mr Customer.

This is Mr Customer...

Hi Mr C. I received some information over the internet that you might have some interest in such a such a unit. Is that right?

Yes, but I was mostly shopping for prices. I probably wont buy for a while.

That is OK Mr C. How did you decide that such a such unit might be the right one for you?

Sounds like a good fit for you. Can I ask, once you have an idea about price, how do you go about deciding when and where to buy such a such unit?

Thank you for sharing that with me. When would you like to drive the unit to find out if it is really for you?

3 pm today would be great to meet. You know how to get here?

Perfect. Now, how will you let me know if you decide to change your mind or something else comes up that keep you from coming in at 3pm.

So, you will "repeat what Mr C says" if you can't be here at 3pm correct. Great.

See you at 3. - by jdedwa11
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