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How to leave a voicemail message that gets a return call.

What suggestions do you have for how to leave a voicemail message that gets a return call? - by Community Mailbox
Something like....

Hi Bill this is Jerry [pause]... Jerry Edwards from [company name]. I am calling for two reasons. First to thank you for being a customer. We appreciate you for trusting us to be your insurance company. Second, I wanted to find out when we could talk for a few minutes to review your insurance policies to answer questions you might have and make sure everything is exactly how you want it. You can call me back now at {phone}. I am here till 5pm PST. Thank you. - by jdedwa11
I try to identify who I'm calling (by company, job function, etc.) and what they tend to care about. Am I calling into Sales? I might refer to the bottom line, increased business generation capabilities. Procurement? Cost savings, thorough agreements, vendor relationships. HR? Internal difficult conversations.

Focus on who you're calling and their needs (some call them "pain points"). By speaking their language, briefly indicating that you can have an impact with them and that it's in their interest to call you back, you'll more likely receive returned phone calls.

If you're not getting call backs, consider new approaches (language, tone, etc.) and stick with it!

Stephen - by sfrenkel
I try to keep it simple...get a referral from the boss's office and let the person I'm calling know that I was referred to them by their boss's office. Then I leave only my name and phone number twice. Seems to work well. - by accelerated-sales
First let me say I am not a believer in leaving a voice message. Very few of them get returned and it's better to hang up the phone and continue to dial. You can make more calls in the same time it takes to leave a message.

If you do leave a message it should contain a greeting and then your USP. And your USP should be so compelling it has people asking, 'how do you do that'?, which would prompt them to return the call to find out. - by Jim Klein
Voice mail messages should be concise and attention-grabbing (maybe even using a surprising statistic that relates to their industry or your servie/product). Additionally, you should leave you name and number distinctly and slowly at the beginning and the end of the message. I don't return some calls because they rush through the number and I can't understand it.
Gerry - by GerryMyers
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