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Looking for a great way to open a cold call

this is the way i open cold calls.

ring. Prospect says: hello.
me: (prospects first name) this is, (my first and last name) with
(my company's name) how are you?
prospect: good
me: good to hear. (first name) your name came across my desk a few days ago and I've been meaning to reach out to you. I understand you look into profitable investment opportunities from time to time, is that still the case?

this opening works pretty well for me but i want to improve it. EXPERTS!! please rip it apart! ALL advice and criticisms will be useful and appreciated - by tc100
I don't know enough about what you do to construct your opening. But I can tell you want to dump. Get rid of "How are you?", and, "Your name came across my desk."

When you say it "works" pretty well, what do you mean? It's an opening. How do you measure it? - by Ace Coldiron
I receive several calls a day with that line and I find it extremely irritating. The person doesn't know me ... why would they give a damn about "how I am" ? It is the height of insincerity.

Even worse are calls that start with the "how are you?" without a name. I hang up immediately, although I'm often tempted to say "fine, until you called".

It is far more professional to state your name, company and what your business is. - by TonyB
With all due respect, throw out everything you're using.

You can start by making your Name memorable by rhyming it with something and then give yourself a Company approved Title to help set yourself apart from every other Broker.

"How Are You Today" stands for H.A.Y.T. and has been overused and abused. If you have to ask a question, try "Can you hear me OK?" or "Can you stand some good news today?" or "Am I pronouncing your name correctly?"

"Your name came across my desk...you look into...still the case" is also lame and overused. Why not try "I'm calling a select list of astute Investors who might have an interest in (list 1 or 2 benefits)." This wording can make them feel important and at least it doesn't turn them off.

Your Benefits could be "the potential of a much greater return then with traditional investments" or "a proven way to dramatically slice and dice your Taxes" or "a unique opportunity to profit from instead of suffering through today's screwed up economy."

You can also consider using a Take-away such as "this might not be for you however you at least deserve to be made aware of it."

As with any new Script, be willing to practice, drill and rehearse until it becomes comfortable.

Make a a "FANTA$TIC" Future!
Stan Billue, CSP - by Stan Billue
WOW that was great. so much useful info.

Ace, when i say "it works pretty well" what i mean is, it feels as if my opening sets a good tone for the rest of the conversation. especially when dealing with investors with a very large net worth. Maybe its the way i say or use my opening or maybe i don't know what im talking about. im fairly new to this so both are possible. either way Ace thanks for your input.

now im going to throw out a new opening in a few minutes and would love to have the same eyes look it through and critique. - by tc100
Here's a new opening from the feedback I've received

me: prospects name
prospect: yes
me: this is (my name) with (company), I'm calling a select group of investors who might have an interest in a unique opportunity to profit form instead of suffering through today's damaged economy. do you have a moment to speak right now?

what do you guys think? let me have it. - by tc100
Your second attempt that followed a previous example is much better. I am very busy and when I get calls that start with "how are you today" or "I know you are busy so I won't take up much of your time" I immediately zone out and end the call ASAP. Your name, company and title if appropriate along with crisp, concise and WIIFF couple of sentences that end with an open-ended question are some good things to consider.
Gerry - by GerryMyers
I like this script much better than the other one but I often make the first call just to get an appointment to call back. This way I am much more comfortable with the second phone call because I have his permission to call. Below is a script that I would use.

Mr Prospect, My name is (salesperson) with (company) I have had a lot of success working with a select group of investors with a unique opportunity I would like to tell you about. When would be a good time that I could call you back to discuss this opportunity with you?

warmest Regards - by MPrince

There's allot of opinions on what you should or should not be doing. Might as well add one more while we are at it.

I for one like to teach that to open a "cold call" the first rule of thumb is that you "want to create INTEREST, and not RESISTANCE".

So if you start with that in mind when creating your openers, you'll be on the right track.

Now creating an effective opener that creates interest (not resistance) is a little easier said then done.

What we teach is that after you have introduced who you are adn the company you're with, add "and the reason for my call is"... and now you enter the "hook" that creates interest. The "hook" can be something that is a known problem or pain that your clientele may typically have and that your product / service can solve.

If you want to try writing a few and then send them to me just contact me through my website www.SalesBuzz.com


Michael Pedone - by SalesBuzz.com
Yup, no shortage of ideas to be found on the topic. The challenge is what tips for successful cold calling will work in your specific situation? That sounds like practice, practice, practice to me. - by crewmayt
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