How important is warranty to you?
How important is warranty to your clients?

Most of my clients feelings concerning warranty, who cares.My feelings concerning warranty. They mean nothing until you need them.
When I bring up the issue of warranties I always ask a question of when was the last time they used a warranty and what they found collecting on the warranty.After they tell me a horror story I inform them on how well our warranty is. - by rich34232
Warranties are HUGE for me because I've been on the wrong side of that situation too many times. - by Houston
Warranties cover a very important buying point for customers. Dependability. It basically is a peace of mind for the consumer. It answers the question "What will you do if this product doesn't work?" I always bring up warranty to sidestep that objection. - by jrboyd
Warranties or guarantees are very important. It shows that you stand behind your product or service. It gives the customer that assurance that if they don't like the product they can return it.

And one more note on this, the longer the guarantee the better. I was listening to a teleseminar with Steve Harrison and he offers a two year guarantee which I have never heard of before with info products.

Don't just take my word for it, Dan Kennedy one of the worlds top marketing experts, firmly believes in offering a guarantee. - by Jim Klein
Warranties are important to us the sales people.Each answer provides is proof of that. One , show it before the objection comes forward?Another proof that you stand for the work performed. I use our five year warranty as proof that we will install the product correctly and we use time tested materials.
Some people and I say some like warranties most however do not care about the warranty UNTIL they need them. This is the time your warranty is important. Our clients think your product should not fail.
What I see quite often with companies that offer a warranty, try getting them to honor that warranty. They may make it back to honor that warranty after all the paying jobs are completed ,it may takes days or weeks before thery finaally get around to honoring the warranty.This is what leaves a bad taste in the clients mouth about warranties.
A warranty really is not proof that a company stands behind the product, acting on the warranty issue proves you stand up on your warranties.
I love our warranty, I use it as a tool. Whether or not they purchase our extended warranty we use the same materials which means we wil install it correctly and using time tested materials. The proof happens when and if they need to use thew warranty. - by rich34232
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