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new opening for cold calls

good morning experts! here's a new opening based on feedback from my last post. I don't want to clog this thread with this topic but i would appreciate one more thrashing and then i promise ill move on. thank you all

me: prospects name
prospect: yes
me: this is (my name) with (company), I'm calling a select group of investors who might have an interest in a unique opportunity to profit form instead of suffering through today's damaged economy. do you have a moment to speak right now?

what do you guys think? let me have it. - by tc100
I wouldn't respond well to that script but that may be because I'm not an investor. What jumps out at me is that I don't know you and the offer looks too vague for me to know what I'm getting into. - by Marcus
tc100... I would be offended if you suggested I might be suffering because you have no idea what my situation is. You are saying you have picked me out of a select group and that I am suffering from a damaged economy. How do you know that? You need to be positive. You picked me because I deserve to be picked. You have a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for ME! that is my opinion.

MPrince - by MPrince
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