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But I need to work on my weaknesses….!

2009 a new year and a time for goals and getting better?

Let me share a recent story to set the scene.

This was brought home to me over the Christmas holidays by my young nephew. Well great nephew actually. Yes it could make me feel old! I have decided this year it won't 50 is the new 30 in my book. I digress.

Anyhow after we chatted about everything from the latest wii to the chances of Wigan Athletic ever doing anything this season. The subject of what he was good at or not so good at came up.

Now Sam is a geek in the making and loves it. Yet his teacher had told him everything he was not good at and what he "should" do about it. Now this is a young boy in a prime stage of influence and development. Yet he is being trained to focus on the wrong things already.

Can we blame him ( the teacher that is) when our conditioning is so hard wired. With no evidence that it is correct. I have a few thoughts for you and wondered where you stand.

Let's explore;

A new year and a new start isn’t that how the saying goes. This time it will be different I am really going to work on A B C ……!

How many times have we heard this? In fact how many times have we all said it?

With the new business economy emerging. The amount of time in a day getting less. Or is that just me. Distractions at every turn. More to be achieved quicker and with less.

Umh....Its time for a paradigm shift.

So what can we do, that has been proven to work. Leverage your assets! As a good friend said to me.

Focus on the good and not the bad. What do you or your team really excel at and how can you focus on this to bring you the results you want. And as a bonus enjoy the process at the same time.

Working in your chosen career is meant to be enjoyable and fun.

It is a sad state of affairs that we look for what went wrong rather than what we did that was amazing.

How much different could our performances be?

What about you. What are you really great at that you know deep down if you did more of in 2009 would be the difference that makes the difference?

SalesManagerCoachsn; - by SalesManagersCoach
Prospecting and Follow-up. When I'm hot I'm hot and when I'm not I'm not. :) - by Houston
Hi Houston

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Both of these two skills are some of the most important and impactful in delivering results.

I was recently looking at some research that states that over 40% of impact come through follow up.
We probably all know the data that says
Keep being Hot! - by SalesManagersCoach
I'm never sure if I get the question right. I think you are asking what our weaknesses and strengths are?

I see the following problem in every type of sale and I see where we can improve.

My goal this year is to make sure we go to every lead to service every customer in hope of closing a sale even if the customer wants us to screw in a light bulb. I think we lose about 25% of our gross sales because we try to judge customers over the phone.

A customer calls and wants a faucet washer replaced. This is a piddly $65 job, so we blow the customer off. Contractors often try to judge, over the phone, whether or not a customer is a serious buyer. I argue that customers purposely try to act like they are frugal, or hard to do business with, and you never know unless you try. A $65 faucet washer frequently turns into a job up to $20,000, or $30,000 when the customer's home needs new water pipes, drains, sewer, and a furnace and this happens frequently.

If you are asking what my best strength is and can I work it harder, or more often, I would say I am fairly good at closing sales, in my arena, but I am over-taxing my personal physical limits.

I need to improve my telephone manners tremendously. I have a very very very short fuse and everything about people bothers me on the telephone. I think I am the nicest person in the world, in person, and the most horrible person in the world on the telephone. I have absolutely no patience and hang up on people no less than five times every day, so if you want to talk to me you better send an email. - by pcplumber
Hi PC Plumber

You should get yourself over to England you would make a fortune!!

You did get it right. What is great for you is you are aware of what you are good at.

Going out to customers is your thing you are great at it and guess what you convert customers from a leaky faucet/tap to a new bathroom.

My point is that so many folks spend loads of effort on improving things they are terrible at instead of ramping up what they are great at and really moving the business forward.

I know it seems so obvious yet I see it missed so many times.

As the new business economy moves on this will be one of the leverage points that people can use to be more profitable in a shorter space of time.

Take Care

SalesManagerCoach - by SalesManagersCoach
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