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Selling to Consumers (B2C)

Do you believe the principles of selling are the same for selling to consumers (B2C) and business to business (B2B)? - by Community Mailbox
Yes, and no.

Yes because in both cases:
(i) you'll sell better if you sell the benefits, rather than features,
(i) you sell better based on customer wants rather than needs.

No because in B2B the customer:
(i) is better informed, and often knows what he needs (wants),
(ii) is a repeat buyer, and so relationship building plays an important role,
(iii) has more stakes in buying, and is willing to spend time to understand; so relationship building is possible and helps immensely.

By the way, though internet marketers focus more on B2C, and very few work in B2B space, it is in B2B, esp. industrial products, that the maximum opportunity lies. Millions of $s are on the table, with very few takers. I say this based on personal experience.

My 2 cents worth.

Ganesan. :~) - by ezynes
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