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Engaging the prospect in auto sales.

Here is the scenario... you work as a sales person at an automobile dealership. A prospective buyer drives up and starts looking around at the different vehicles. What next steps do you recommend with the goal being to engage the prospect in meaningful dialogue? - by Community Mailbox
I'm assuming that, in your scenario, the prospect has gotten out of his vehicle and is walking the lot. Here's my advice in that situation:

1. Don't approach the prospect too quickly. Let the prospect settle into the environment. Allow him to look at window stickers and meander a bit. Few people like to be accosted by a salesperson at a car dealership.

2. If possible, approach the prsopect face-to-face, not to the prospect's back.

3. The opening line should be designed to get a response from the prospect that can be leveraged into building a relationship with him. Relationships can be built quickly, and must be in car sales. You want to avoid getting the "I'm just looking" response. To do that, you can use any of the following:

- A non-business opening (a comment or question about the weather, the prospect's child, the sports-team jersey he/she is wearing, etc.).

- An open-ended question (such as "What brings you by XYZ Motors today?"' or, "It looks like you're checking out the new