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Will I get shafted?

A few more issues:

My job is starting commissions. I overheard a conversation regarding the commissions plan between the owner and HR Mgr. The owner commented that he and the sales manager have discussed the plans details, but have yet to relay any information to me. There has been plenty of opportunity to relay the info to me, but I am still in the dark.

Should I ask about the commissions even though I was not suppose to hear this conversation? Is there a reason I have not been told the details?

My sales mgr. has the majority of the good accounts. When new accounts do come in, they have to route through him for his approval. I have no clue how many good accounts may have come through that I have had no opportunity to know of. Only the smaller accounts tend to come my way.

Now that commissions will be starting soon, the sales mgr will have chance to make additional commission on jobs he has "referred" to me. So in essence I feel this is a pyramid scheme and I will be working for the owner and for the sales mgr.

Is there a way to combat this?

Again thanks for any advice, as I'm trying to gain a different perspective on the issues, but want to prepare as much as I'm able. - by NewToSales
My gut feeling is that those events you described are not in your best interest. - by Ace Coldiron
Hi NewToSales,

My advice is to resist arriving at any conclusions until you have the clear information in mind. Resist obsessing about the worst scenario, but always prepare for the worst possible scenario.

Once they present you with your compensation/commission plan, you can ask questions, absorb the info, and arrive at some conclusions. Only at that point will you be in a position to make the best decision about your career. - by Skip Anderson
Ace: My gut is telling me to keep my ears open...or at least check over my shoulder every once-in-a-while xerm;

Skip: Thanks for the insight! I am by no means a conspiracy theorist. I don't want to draw conclusions, hence why I am asking if my instincts are reasonable or a sign of paranoia. I just wondered if those in management had any insight to a similar experience.

Unfortunately for me, after being with this company for a bit, I've learned that management does not communicate with its staff, and has a history of executing decisions without alerting the parties involved.

UPDATE: I'm also getting conflicting messages. From my supervisor I'm told the commission plan is set and will start next month, whereas I was just told by the owner (in passing) that the details are still being figured out, and it won't start till March :dun

So can you see why I'm at least a little wary? I don't know what or who to believe. This isn't an isolated issue, but the only one I'm asking advice on.

Again, thanks for everyone's 2-cents thmbp2; - by NewToSales
I completely understand. It doesn't sound like an ideal situation. You're correct to be perceptive about various goings on. Good luck with it all. - by Skip Anderson
Ace: My gut is telling me to keep my ears open...or at least check over my shoulder every once-in-a-while xerm;
It is really hard when you are new to sales to:

A. Keep an open mind to your prospects
B. Be positive when you feel the management is not quite looking after your best interests.

Try to focus on A and B will take care of itself thmbp2; - by PiJiL
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