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Did you decide you wanted to be in sales?

Everyone gets into sales for different reasons. Did you decide you wanted to be in sales or did it just work out that way? - by Community Mailbox
Everyone gets into sales for different reasons. Did you decide you wanted to be in sales or did it just work out that way?
I was groomed for sales and rebelled against entering sales while still a teen. In my very early twenties, I took another look at my world and changed my mind. I never looked back.

If I would have chosen another field, trial lawyer comes to mind. - by Ace Coldiron
I had to become one, because if I hadn't I would have starved. I was tired of seeing others reep the rewards while I slaved away in the back shops. and I knew i could do it better anyway. That helped me because I now know everything about my industry so I can be a more effective sales rep.

I would suggest all people in sales take time to learn how your products are produced. a little hands on with making the things you sale can only help you. - by Thufir
Absolutely not!

Like many ex-MBAs, I went straight from Business School to management consulting. I wanted to change the world! To devise innovative new strategies for the worlds leading companies.

It was a huge shock when I discovered that consulting was really mainly grunt work until you got to the higher levels (why I believed that the world's largest companies would want a fresh faced kid still in his 20s to devise their strategies I don't recall).

The next shock was discovering that if you wanted to progress in consulting - and especially if you wanted to work on interesting engagements - you absolutely had to sell.

So selling started as a means to an end for me. I did eventually get to develop strategies for some of the world's best. But by then the sales bug had bitten and I was more interested in selling the work than in delivering it. Over time I found that selling stuff and consulting in the area of sales was the most satisfying combo for me.

Ian - by ianbrodie
Both in a way.

I started working at the age of 16 at a resturaunt and had to up-sell people. For afew years didn't realise I was a actually a salesmen. I thought about it and realised in a way EVERYTHING in life is sales. You sell yourself in an interview, when dealing with women, etc. (not all consciously). After this realisation I also noticed the times I was most happy was when I was talking to people and also creating wealth for myself and others. This naturally led me to decide I am a professional salesmen! - by Grinder
For me, I wanted to see the world, travel in style, meet people and live my life and sales was the way in which all could be completed. - by ged1mcguirk
Yes, decided as a buyer to get on the other side. Started as a pre-sales then sales, sales management and through to alliance management and my own company. Never regretting it because of the excitement of the win. - by goddarj2
I would have to agree with Ace on this one. It's what I was made for. Some people are great athletes, some are great musicians, I am great at sales. It's a natural talent that some people posses. Not trying to be stuck up or anything, but there are just some people that sales comes naturally to, and I was blessed to be one of them - by jrboyd
I went into sales because my father was in sales. I've been selling since I was 7. From newspapers to soap and from tools and electronics to technology, I've always loved sales and that's why I teach cold calling.

Ron - by accelerated-sales
Everyone gets into sales for different reasons. Did you decide you wanted to be in sales or did it just work out that way?
I would have never chosen this career. A recruiter encouraged me and when I got the first job offer, selling industrial fasteners, ie, nuts and bolts, I just loved the freedom to earn money based on my own efforts. - by patweber
I dabbled in retail sales but never any other sales much. BUT since I was a kid selling news papers I studied sales and people in sales - I read bios - and I had a fascination with sales and promotion as an idea. During this time I became a writer and teacher.

Thirteen years ago I joined a company in direct sales/multi level marketing - I wanted to see if I could build a residual income - and I literally and 100% fell in love with the products.

That's what happened to me.

MitchM - by MitchM
Sales chose me more than I choosing it. I started when i was fourteen eyars old at my fathers plumbing supply house. Little did I know what I was actually getting into at that time.I was a natural with customers. I have always had a knack figuring out what a customer wanted and most of the time fell into the right place at the right time. I stayed with the plumbing supply until I was nineteen.

I went into the plumbing business working for a plumbing company.During this time I met a girl who I married. I wanted to start my own business however I never had enough coruage to start. With the help of this great lady at age twenty-four I started my plumbing business. We built the business from scratch one truck no advertising and a very small budget. I really did not want a large company and planned to stay small.

I hired my first employee, after a few years I expanded the business.I now had four trucks . Three for new construction in the 80's one service truck. We were a multi-million dollar business doing new plumbing installation. Over two hundred homes a year plus half a mil in service.In the 90's we sold the bsuiness while having 28 bidders on the business.

During this time my ability to read people and their motives became exceptional. This is where I found many people put way to much thought and made sales more difficult then it really is.
Build the relationship.Build trust and value.Become a friend no need to become best friends but good acquaintances. Find out what the client wants and why they want it.Give the client what they want and a choice for better.

We sold the business in the 90's and moved to Florida where I wanted part time work. I was used to working 16-17 hours a day ,part time did not really work out for me. Our children were smal and I wanted to have time to enjoy their young life. I went to work for a plumbing company that was innovastive in their approach. Flat rate and add on sales.

This was the time I actually decided to start studying the profession of sales.I have always kept journals.Now I started to write exactly what transpired with my clients. What was said ,how it was said and why I said it.I was amazed at the logic that is common sense.

I found when you do care about your clients sales is an easy art form. You understand the client and you understand why they feel what they feel. I use empathy as a way to communcate with my clients.

I have designed a presentation close that goes hand in hand with my presentation and solution. This works and I close over 85% of my clients with this close. Now a few of you are saying plumbing ha. One thing you do not understand we are 4-5 times more expensive than our closest competition. I do not care about price as I am worth every penny and more. B2C sales are different. our clients do not need to own from me they can buy from another. I must drive the want,need,can afford, and can use along with driving the clients need and want to own from me.

I have learned over the years how to build the relationship,build my value have repeat business where people only want me knowing they are going to spend the big bucks to have me.
I have learned how to connect with the most difficult of clients and turn them to my side and become my cheerleader.
The toughest part of sales for me,keeping up with all the different ideas and implementing good dieas with what I already accomplish.

I recently found an agent who wants to shop around my first book for publishing and presently invovled in a second book. Thank God for editors. They fix my grammatical errors that are many.I pay them to be the professional for me. I also submit articles with an on line sales sites. The simple aspects of sales. I have great difficulty listening to those who make my profession a process that sounds like you must have a PHD to compete.You don't. I am living proof on what works and what does not work. - by rich34232
It is amazing how many people use the word 'I' to start a sentence :)

After 12 years as an auto mechanic, the draw of selling for a better life style drew me to sales. - by PiJiL
It is amazing how many people use the word 'I' to start a sentence :)
Curious about your purpose for that statement.

Do you really find amazement or is that just a figure of speech? Are you addressing another member's writing skills? Are you subtly suggesting that the over-use of "I" reveals something about the person that we should know about?

Or--are you suggesting that in sales presentations, people should be cautious about starting too many sentences with "I"? That might make a good topic for the forum if that's what you meant. - by Ace Coldiron
Its prolly the Aussie humour you dont get Ace thmbp2; - by PiJiL
Its prolly the Aussie humour you dont get Ace thmbp2;
S' fair dinkum, PiJiL. - by Ace Coldiron
When I was five (5) my elderly neighbor asked me to sell poppies for Veterans Day. I went to every house in the neighborhood and sold all the poppies! It was so much fun at age 10 I got a newspaper route and was paid $3 for every new subscription. Again, loads of fun. In high school sold advertising for a local newspaper and in 15 minutes on a Saturday morning made $45 commission. What better way to make money, engage with people and have fun. I was born with courage and never afraid of asking for what I wanted -- that has served me the best for being successful in sales.
- by Connie Kadansky
I didn't choose to be in sales the company I am working for had no sales person and was running out of work.I work for a powdercoating company and ive been here for 17yrs they thought I was the best man for the job so they gave me the oppertunity to move up in the company.im still learning the sales end here in a vary slow economy its been kinda hard but im not giving up. - by daran
Everyone gets into sales for different reasons. Did you decide you wanted to be in sales or did it just work out that way?

Well for me a career outside the home was never what I wanted. I always hoped to be a wife and a mother and being raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee there were very few options. So, for a very short while I was a wife and mother and then tragically my childhood sweetheart, my husband and the father of my children was accidentally shot in a hunting accident and from that moment my life forever changed. I had four children and at the time very little formal education but I found out one thing early on...I could sell. People liked me, seemed to trust me and what I said and I could make the money I needed to feed my children. I am in media sales and I love it. I have been doing this for twenty-five years now. It gave me the freedom also to care for my children if one of them were sick or if they had a football game or a dance recital or any number of things you are required to do as a single parent. What a great profession! - by MPrince
I found that the art of the sales develop a personality of sales person and make it interact more with people .

so , 1st , I do not expect to enter the area of sales but realy I found that the sales is a very interesting area .

- by clinican
Sales was a fall back for me when I checked that I had asthma while taking a physical for ROTC. Much to my mother's joy, my military career ended right there.

During college I worked for a computer forms company as a delivery driver and I saw how the sales reps operated and it gave me the interest to pursue sales as a career. I couldn't imagine having to work in an office all day. I almost died at a sales meeting in Cancun last week. Nothing like sitting in meeting rooms for four days and having to go out and watch the waves hit the beach during the break.

Ok Ok....it really wasn't that terrible....and I did get one fun day! Glad my company isn't one that needs the government bail out.

Good Selling

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
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