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Do we take ourselves too seriously?

Reading through the awesome information on this website and listening to the sales people I work with, got me thinking........

Do you take yourself too seriously?

Is your word/feeling/attitude gospel?

How do you react when someone contradicts you?

Has somebody tried to help you but you thought 'Naa, what they are saying is no good'

Let me know? - by PiJiL
I need all of the help I can get so my word isn't the gospel. I don't like to be contradicted though unless I think the other person is right. - by Thomas
I like to have fun.I do not want to be serious all the time. I do not like condenscending attitudes - by rich34232
This quote reminds me of your post..........

'you do not know a man, untill you have eaten a bag of salt with him'

In my younger years, many times great offences were caused by my 'perception' of condecending attiudes.............

Add youth, pride and ignorance...........a sure recipe for disaster.... - by PiJiL
'you do not know a man, untill you have eaten a bag of salt with him'
I guess what you are saying with that quote is that we cannot really know a person.

Someone once told me that among truths, a "profound truth" is such that its exact opposite is also true.

It is true that we can never really know a person, and yet we can--instinctively, in a flash. Those are the instances when we often ignore that flash, and it gets us into trouble down the road.

My biggest mistakes in life, and business, have been instances of ignoring my gut feelings about a person. Older and wiser, THAT is a part of me I DO take seriously. Other than that, I think we should live our lives in a state of serious gratitude. - by Ace Coldiron
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