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If You Could Only Cold Call 8 Hours a Week, When?

If you could only do telephone prospecting eight hours per week, when would you do it? What time of day for optimal results? What days of the week for optimal results? Thoughts? Please specify if you sell B2B or B2C. - by Skip Anderson
I have always had the best results in the afternoon, between 3 and 4 pm. One sales rep that I work with swears by calling people in the morning but I just don't see it as being as effective. People are busy in the morning and they are cranky. In the afternoon, chances are most fires have been put out, they have eaten, and the day is winding down a bit. Perfect time to contact them if you ask me. - by Thufir
For B2B, lines are usually very busy the first hour the office opens. If you are doing an office call, that's the time to avoid. But when you call around 10am. he is probably and meeting or rushing to one....and the whole day is almost like that.

Thankfully voice mails is almost universal these days. How to leave a message such that your prospect will call back has become one of the key skills in the art of selling.

The mobile phone and the SMS and web messaging is probably the other savior for sales people doing phone contacts.

In Singapore, I get quite a bit of SMSes or web messages in the evening, even late at night asking for appointments the next day.

I do not know if its just me, but I find this not too intrusive and bothersome...since I am usually doing something not too urgent on my laptop during those hours. - by alexhar
It really depends on what type of business you are calling. If it is a construction business, etc. it is best to call very early in the morning. If it is a doctor or a professional the afternoon us usually better. Often it may take a couple of calls to find the schedule of the prospect...

MP - by MPrince
Skip always trying to make us do our jobs and to have the highest quality of performance.
Mine is tuesday through thursday between 9-12 with a few seconds for r and r after each call - by rich34232
Most people forget that business owners or top execs are often there before "normal business hours".

Every week my Dad gets appointments before 8 AM in the morning. Things are NOT busy when other people are not there and therefore he gets decision makers who answer the phone a highly percentage of the time - very effective.

But usually, you don't plan your week around prospecting. You conduct this most oft misunderstood sales practice when you CAN'T meet with a prospect. Therefore, you prospect when ever you can and at every opportunity you get - that is the realistic answer. - by Gold Calling
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