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Another example of people buying because of the salesperson and not the price.

I see some posts about building value and how to negotiate price but I think alot of us forget about the biggest influence in peoples choice to buy a product. The salesperson.

I have a customer thats buying a new LT1 Suburban from me today. Now this customer left and went to another dealership and ended up coming back to me. Just so happens the other dealership she went to was one that I worked with and had a falling out with the managment because they are complete idiots and use the old hammer them till they buy theroy. I disliked it and would get into because I would not lie to the customer. Well the GM who I kinda told off when I left there to come to this dealership heard that they were working a deal with me and wasn't to happy. He turned around and offered the customer another 1500 off the same vehicle I was selling, then threw in a free alarm and a free dvd. Realistically he was probably losing about 1200 dollars to steal this deal from me. The customer called me telling me how they wanted to buy from me but that they had this other deal from the other dealership. I talked with the customer for an hour and half on phone at my house and told them that I really don't think we could match that deal, but realistically, if this other dealership wanted to earn your business why didnt they give her the best offer up front. Talked to her and asked her besides calling her, what had the dealership down to help her. I had personally gone to their banker to go over the paperwork with him, called the Equifax to help them straighten out their credit because they had some fraudlant charges, and personally took the vehicle out to her school because she was so busy. Bottom line of the story is the customer is signing right now, at a price 1500 over the competitiors, without the dvd system included. (I threw the alarm in though).

The product and the price are only a fraction of what influences the buying decision. Joe Verde showed that 80% of people buy because they like thier sales person. Dont get to caught up in price and product, remember the relationship is most important - by jrboyd
I agree with your idea. I call this relationship sales. I do sales training and I stress relationship sales. I question your percentage . I believe it is higher.People choose to own simply due to liking the sales technician
I also preach value is the sales technician. Every company offers the same. warranty ,service, quality products,they are insured bonded etc. What is different the sales tehcncian and how they go the extra mile for their clients. - by rich34232
I got my precentage from Joe Verde Training seminar in 2007. This was for auto-sales. Now every company may offer same warranty and quality, but service is a HUGE difference. For example, I personally take the service into my own hands. If my customers are busy and it is hard for them to come in for an oil change, I will go pick up the vehicle at their work and take it for oil change, then drop it back off to them by lunch. - by jrboyd
The difference is YOU. the service is the service but you take control of it to make it special. - by rich34232
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