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Myths and Legends

Myth #1;

People buy solutions.

There is an example on this forum saying that people do not buy benefits, they by solutions to problems. It gives an example of a person who buys a car because the car they had is no longer reliable. So, by acquiring a new car, with a warranty, they get buy a solution to their reliability problem.

Okay, granted. But have they acquired a "solution" if the motivation to buy is DESIRE?

Let's say I have a reliable car and get rich quick on the Internet, then I desire a Lamborghini ... what problem I am I solving?

The smart Alec sales trainer might say; "The buyer had a complex about being poor or middle class, they are solving the issue with their own self esteem or importance!"

Okay, so let's take this altogether too far in order to make the important point that demonstrates that "Solutions" are not the only reason for a purchase in order to understand why we use the word "benefits" to describe "What is in it for the buyer" ....

Jay Leno owns about a hundred cars. He has every car and motor bike you can imagine, probably two of many. He has no image issue, he has no need to prove anything to himself or others, he just loves cars. Therefore he had no problem to solve.

Once again, we learn that there is no one theory that applies to life, that no one equation explains motivations, needs or pain. In other words, we cannot explain away sales in a simple fashion. It is complex, as complex as people are.

What are some of the other MYTHS and LEGENDS? - by Gold Calling
Myth #1;

People buy solutions.
In all my years of selling, and to the best of my knowledge, I have never once used the S-word in any sales-related context or discussion.
It's a buzzword for the Re-Inventors. - by Ace Coldiron
Hmmm, the re-inventors. Very adept name for them.

This thought is no more than an urban legend of sales; that things have changed.

Watch a few videos on You Tube to catch what I mean. Search there for NEIL RACKHAM and take a look at the fact that he believes he was the one who discovered that sales was about 'selling value' ... this notion is mind boggling (my father taught that to me in 1977).

From NEIL RACKHAM's perspective "that does not work any longer" means the profession only knew what to do in selling after his research, before that it was guesswork!

One must assume he never saw J. Douglas Edwards or Earl Nightingale (or a few of the other masters) speak.

The benefit of Huthwaite/Rackham/SPIN (the company/the man/the book) - to our industry - was they quantified selling with on-call research. In other words, using real scientific research and hard numbers, they simply have proven what was known b y the masters for a long time.

Og Mandini - who's book was long before RACKHAM's research, used the biblical carpet sales person to model (thereby insinuating that sales has been mastered since several millennia ago!).

Actually the very state of the sales training industry today is downright dismal. The largest organization by sales is only 70 million annually (Source; D&B-Hoovers.com), which is a joke in comparison to the amount of orders we get. And there are very few big time sales training outfits.

NEED SATISFACTION SELLING was the term developed in the late 60's ... this was more than 10 years before Neil Rackham even started charting sales with his on-call research. And more than 30 prior top Sandler, the group that apparently uses the "solutions" terminology.

Hey, I don't care if you call it that, the principals are the same, more or less. I am just saying that it does not encompass all selling situations, which "we" have known for decades.

And still the re-inventors try as the