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Ok Still need some help..

Here's a break down of Last month for you guys so you get general idea.

Phone Ups:
52 (72% of my contacts)

Lot Ups:
20 (27% of my contacts)

Total Contacts 72

Phone Ups that came in:
10 (19%)

Contacts in Person 30

Phone-ups that Bought:
04 (07% Closing Ratio of phone ups)

Lot-ups that Bought
08 (40% Closing Ratio of Lot ups)

Total Sales
12 (47% Total Closing Ratio)

Face to Face Contacts: 30

F2F that bought: 12
(40% Closing Ratio)

My Closing Ratio is decent when I have customer in front of me. But I am still failing to convert the mass majority of my contacts to face to face. 72% of my contacts are on the phone yet I only get 19% to come in. Once their in its no problem. Any suggestions? - by jrboyd
Phone Ups:
52 (72% of my contacts)

Lot Ups:
20 (27% of my contacts)

Total Contacts 72

So an UP is a prospect. A LOT UP is someone who visits your dealership cold ... a phone up is someone who calls and then visits is not a LOT UP ... right?

F2F is obviously every LOT UP plus the PHONE UPS who SHOW UP (forgive the pun), correct?

And you feel you have a low conversion rate of PHONE UPS to actual visits or face-to-face (F2F)?

If the above is clear, meaning I got it ...

How are you closing for a F2F on phone ups?

And (and this is missing), how many prospects do you create yourself? In other words, when no one is there, why not try to generate some prospects yourself?

These are the two areas you can improve on. Closing will come with time and application of technique - the better you get the more confidence you will have - snowball effect.

What you need is more closing situations. But you are clearly stating that, which is critical/good.

My guess is you are not closing on interest ... that you give too much information on the phone. And that you never prospect on the phone yourself.

The latter I would do from a CELL, not from the phone at your desk with a deal to make sure that calls get put through even if they see you talking on the cell. So you don't miss a PHONE UP.

The biggest area that sales people miss out on is prospecting. - by Gold Calling
For f2f on phone ups closing I am at 40% delivery. A little higher sold but can't get financed. As for trying to generate leads, most of those fall under phone ups. I'll get some classified as lot ups for ones who get my card at a resteraunt but I'd say 90% fall under phone up cold calling. Not to worried about closing the sale because there I have closed 20 of the 30 that have come in but only able to get 12 of them financed. So I at about 66% closing ratio when it comes to actually getting them submitted to finance. However that number isnt to realistic because the ones with bad credit usually know it and will close at any payment pretty much, they just want to get bought. So realistically I would say that my closing ratio is probably high 50's to low 60's.

I just don't like the fact that 72% of my prospects are phone and I have a 19% chance of getting them in. Especially with the economy slow, and I spend around 60% of my time trying to generate these leads. If market was better with more foot traffic on the lot I would spend most of my time on the lot where I am strongest. Unfortunately not the case. - by jrboyd
... 72% of my prospects are phone and I have a 19% chance of getting them in.
So, this is a little confusing still.

You say you are cold calling to generate prospects. And this results in approximately one in five (19%) actually showing up.

I have to read this differently. I am assuming that one in five of the people you talk to, including those who call the dealership of on their own, are coming in - in other words not just from your own outbound calling but both.

If many of them were calling in of their own volition, showing interest at some level, and you get one in five, that is low - I think you are correct to work on this end of your skill set.

Now - what do you use to close for the face-to-face meeting? What is the actual technique or techniques. We cannot help you increase your close for appointment ratio without knowing this!

In other words, let me and others here assess what you are doing ineffectively. Help you correct it and make it more effective. Because, if I am understanding the situation correctly, there is no dou