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Are you talking too much?

When listening or reading what someone has to say, my attention span is short..................

The good book says 'A fool is known by his multiude of words'

When someone talks to much, my thinking heads in the direction of 'self absorbed', self important' or 'insecure/scared'.

Has talking too much cost you a sale?

Who talks the most in your presentations?

What strategies do you use to shut up?

How do you tell someone they talk to much?

Short replies are welcome msnwnk; - by PiJiL
I sell customers new plumbing when their homes are flooded and their pipes are broken. I do 99.89% of the talking and feel I am not doing a good job when the customer asks questions during my presentation. I can close most sales without asking any questions and many customer can't think of but a few basic questions like, "when can you start?"

There are times toward the end of the day when I am tired and I sometimes start talking about personal issues. I know this is wrong, but there are certain types of people who compel me to do this. Otherwise, I try to remain as business-like and mysterious as possible. - by pcplumber
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