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I made the mistake of taking the action selling analysis this evening.... and I'm confused some from it too.... :cu

For one thing it extolled my virtues of how I was an above average sales/presenter/questioner... etc... only to return me a 36% average grade.... that isn't above average anything, if it really means something....

AFLAC started us into Action Selling a few years ago and never followed up on any of it and the techniques I use are obviously not up to the level of the Action Selling program.

One thing about that quiz/analysis I didn't like was that there were so many possible scenarios that could be construed to someone like me who is primarily in insurance that I could have picked several answers and been comfortable with them, so I got the impression as I was going through this analysis that I would have maybe had to have gone through some specific training in order to get the right combination of responses.

How do the rest of you view this quiz?

Aloha..... shds; - by rattus58
I believe Neil Rackham proved that no one personality type is guaranteed to produce sales success. Intangibles like GUTS .... this is hard to measure in a test, you only see it when the HEAT IS ON.

That is why Neil and his team sent a psychologist along on 35,000 sales calls, to gather information in the heat of the battle.

However, not knowing this test, it is hard to comment.
- by Gold Calling
Hi Gold...

It is the test that one of the sponsors here offers on Action Selling. This was something that AFLAC started but apparently abandoned, at least here in Hawaii, so I was interested in how I'd do... and I'm apparently a dismal example of a salesman.... :un

I've never done well as an IQ type either.... :)

Much Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
I'm apparently a dismal example of a salesman


The only research on sales people that I found that was worth giving credit to is that which is done by a third party on a sales call, while the sales person works. In my opinion, we should not give much credit to that kind of research that is conducted by surveying a bunch of questions direct to sales people – as this gathers opinions, not facts (unless you are trying to amass facts in regards to opinions).

Again, only Huthwaite/Neil Rackham has done this to a huge degree, next closest was Xerox (decades ago). And, while I do give them credit, some of their theories are misaligned – I know this is only my opinion but I have had several others concur.

Anyway, in my opinion, the one about personality types and sales producers was debunked. A TYPE personality is no guarantee of top sales production.

Furthermore, most of these tests are designed to generate clients, so watch out. If you do not give the answers suited to their selling system you are ranked LOW and then they turn you into a sales training prospect. “THEY” being several website based training companies (I want it to be clear; I am not picking on ACTION SELLING here).

- by Gold Calling
I personally am a producer. Overall we do a pretty fair job between me and my wife and now my chilluns are joining me too.

I think my frustration with sales training, and I'm not an expert, is that much of it to me is mumbo jumbo. Gitomer probably comes closest to what I have seen as a "sales" manual that points out specifics in english.

My daddy made me when I was 12 take a Dale Carnegie course so's I could maybe reduce the amount of thrashings I received from the local school yards I frequented. The only other piece of advise he gave me was "bub, you need to walk away from trouble. If you can't, then use those long legs of yours, and if that isn't doing it for you, then I suggest you pop the biggest one of them right in the nose as hard as you possibly can...!"

The advise was duly noted and in fact did reduce the daily frequency of my usually bloody encounters, but the Dale Carnegie course gave me confidence to deal