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How would you approach a "Know it all'?

Having real dramas at the moment, any advice? - by PiJiL
It's hard for us to understand the context of your question with so little information. Perhaps you could tell us, is this "know it all"...

- a prospect?
- a customer?
- your manager?
- an employee?
- a coworker?
- or someone else?

There is no universal rule for handling "know it alls", it all depends upon the details. Could you provide some? - by Skip Anderson
A "know it all" is like a sweet skunk. There ain't no such thing.

So maybe you asked the wrong question. What is it you're really dealing with? - by Ace Coldiron
A "know it all" is like a sweet skunk. There ain't no such thing.
Had to laugh at that one.

Skip is right, we can't help you without some more ideas of what it is you are up against. - by Gold Calling
There is a very experienced older salesperson who "knows' all the angles and motivation techniques, however he de-motivates the team and is well connected to the management and clients. - by PiJiL
Stroke their ego. Give them the illusion of being in control. Chances are if you are dealing with a "Know it all" they" they are of the Dominant personailty style. Last thing you want to do is try and get into an argument with them. Keep answers to the point and don't try to build to much of a relationship with them. Well don't make it obvious that you are doing it. They will more than likely see this as a waste of time and unproffesional on your part. What you may want to try and do is align yourself vs a common enemy. IE. Its tax time so try to steer the conversation toward the IRS and how much you hate paying taxes. If you can align yourself against a common enemy, then you can get onto a more personal level with the customer without them seeing you as trying to get to friendly with them. - by jrboyd
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