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How would you respond to these objections?


There are a few common objections I get when making B2B calls. I am in uniform / corporate apparel sales which deals with making sales to "chains", where the employees where a uniform or type of apparel at the various locations.

How would you respond to:

1. We have been with our current supplier for a long time and we are not looking to change suppliers.

2. We are happy with our current supplier.

3. Our current supplier takes care of us really well and have no reason to change.

I guess I am looking for the best way to get over these and to keep the conversation going. Or if you were subjected to these what would you do next?

Thanks. - by Jakobi
First, they are all the same objection.

Second, no one can really answer that unless we know what you did to encounter the objection in the first place. In other words, what opening line do you use?

Opening lines, which should contain a general benefit statement, these are not created equal - if I can put it that way ... !!!!!!! - by Gold Calling
Yea I guess they are the same. Mostly all the businesses I call have some sort of uniform program in place. Either a work shirt, hat, apron, etc. Also some are under contract and some are not with their current supplier.

I am trying to get their business obvioulsy and its 100% phone calls with about 95% voicemails. The companies that are not under contract will toss up objections like the ones I mentioned.

They usually know as soon as I mention uniforms or apparel they know why im calling and will toss objections like that at me.

I did though make a new voicemail guide after learning a few things today which is this: (havent tried it yet)

Hello _______,
This is _______ from _______ at _______ and I left you a voicemail on _______.
I am calling to discuss your uniform program and to save you money on your employee apparel. We are vey competitve and I would like to discuss some options that would increase your bottom line.
My number again is _______ and I would love the opportunity to introduce our company.
I am not sure if that helps you help me. Thanks. - by Jakobi
I did though make a new voicemail guide after learning a few things today which is this: (havent tried it yet)
shds; Is leaving a voicemail normal in the US? - by PiJiL
shds; Is leaving a voicemail normal in the US?
Well this the problem. I call companies all over the US. I make about 100 calls a week and have a database of roughly 600 companies that I have put together so far that would qualify as being call worthy.

I started off no leaving voicemails, however my boss (owner) got upset or suggested I do so.

I dont always leave voicemails. I will try to call a few times then hang up, I would rather just get them on the phone.

I have received a number of call backs though which has been helpful, but some people are just ghosts. - by Jakobi
I typically try the following:

First, I tell them I'm glad to hear they have a provider that works for them. Second, I ask if they have ANY issues whatsover with that provider, since I may be able to address some of them with my services (I typically have a list of differentiating factors that I can mention if they need a little help).

Finally, if all else fails, I make sure they have my contact information and let them know that my intentions at this time are to simply introduce myself and let them know they have alternatives if the need arises. I then follow up regularly to build our relationship and to keep myself in front of them so I'm there when the time is right.

I hope this helps.
Stephen - by sfrenkel
I leave a LOT of voicemails. It's an important way to establish contact. I know some colleagues who don't follow up, but I do. From personal experience, there are a lot of things I want to follow up on during the day, but many of them fall by the wayside. I follow up in a week or so, then a month or so. After that, I go with my gut (whether or not to continue pursuing the business and at what time interval), depending on how good of a fit our solutions are, and I rarely leave voicemails after the 2nd or third call