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Do you feel like you're bothering them?


Ok. I don't know if this is fear because it seems like something else. I feel like I am bothering people and will crumble when the person seems to be busy or not interested.

Basically I feel like I am bothering them or that I should hurry up and finish the call as soon as possible. Does anyone else feel like this when making B2B calls?

Is this just a lack of confidence or a lack of belief that I have something that they need?

How do I improve on getting by this?

Thanks. - by Jakobi
IMO, when you believe that what you are offering is something the prospect absolutely needs to know about you won't feel like you are bothering them. Frank Bettger wrote about this in his book, "How I raised myself from failure to success in selling." - by Houston
You are the only one who can answer that question. Take some time to figure out which one it is and then come back and we can give you some suggestions. - by Jim Klein
How do I improve on getting by this?
Hopefully this may help your situation Jakobi........

Harden up ;st

Please do not be offended................

Perhaps an example of a new salesperson could help you........

The new salesperson, gung-ho and proud
Makes the calls and knocks over the towers
Bullet proof and successful, exceding the best

Till the second months no's, beat at his chest
He looses his heart, boy he is struggling
He blames the enonomy, the leads or his family

Most turn from the trade or are asked to vacate
But the true meaning of a sales person
Is to re-learn and re-direct.

So when in that slump, when you cant find a way
Look to your heart, and commit to the change
You will get a yes and fight on for the day
- by PiJiL
What you describe sounds like a form of sales call reluctance.

Solution? There might not be one. But, I would try:

1. Acceptance that you'll likely be more rejected than you are accepted in the sales field.

2. A greater foundation of self-confidence.

3. Increased persistence and drive to make the sale. When you have persistence and drive, it doesn't matter if people reject you because you're moving ahead no matter what.

4. Determine if you have a fear of success or a fear of failure that's getting in the way.

Good luck.

Skip - by Skip Anderson
Is this just a lack of confidence or a lack of belief that I have something that they need?

How do I improve on getting by this?
You have to reach deep inside you to overcome what you are going through. It is very diffficult to answer your question in any pat way. I have never seen any sales training or sales book provide a solution. People find it in martial arts, in MEANING to their life, in a purpose bigger than themselves, in their spirituality, in the force of life that Chinese call chi and the Japanese call ki---from sources and attractors like that.

Once you have that, you can make yourself ten feet tall when the need arises. You'll find it inside your self. Just know that its yours for the taking. - by Ace Coldiron
I agree with what's been said already. From an execution perspective, your voice will indicate how you feel about your product/service. If you don't believe that what you're offering is of help and value to your prospects, neither will they.

True, their buying from you will help you. It should also help them! You're doing them a favor by giving them a call and introducing them to the opportunity to work with you and (add value proposition here - save money, get better product, better customer service, faster turn around time, etc.).

Until you internalize this idea, I believe you'll continue to struggle.

All the best,
Stephen - by sfrenkel
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