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The 10 Commandments of Sales

Everyone will tell you to stick to basics when it comes to sales. Yet everyone has different ideas on what the basics are. What exactly are the "Basics" of sales. These are the 10 things that are a must when selling in order to be successful.

1. Confidence: First and formost you as the salesperson must have confidence. You must have confidence in yourself, in your product and in your company. Would you buy from someone who isnt unsure of himself? Would you buy from someone who truely doesnt believe in thier product? Would you buy from a salesperson that doesnt believe his company is the best. Remember when you are talking to a customer you aren't bothering them, you are HELPING them because you, your product and your company are the best.

2. Relationship: You must have rapport with the customer. Don't jump into selling them so quickly, because then the only way you will get their business is by giving them an WOW deal and that will cut your gross and commision. I've mentioned it before, but some people still may not understand. 85% of people will buy a product because of the SALESPERSON. They are willing to give more money to a person they like and feel is trying to help them and have their best interest in mind, than to a person they think are just trying to make a sale.

3. Attitude: Attitude is the simplist thing for us to control, yet it is usually the one thing that sales people don't control. ALWAYS have a great attitude. It's always the Great day. Things are always going good. You need to become an extreme optimist. The glass is always half full. Remember things can always be worst. Not only could the glass be half empty, you could always end up not having a glass. Your attitude is contaigous, and will spread to your customer.

4. Work the Process Correctly: Do not skip any parts of it. The sales process is similiar to making a cake. If you forget one ingredient then it becomes a disaster. Skipping the introduction would be like not adding the milk to the mix. Forgetting to close would be not putting the cake in the oven. EVERY STEP, EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY DAY.

5. Be Prepared: Mentally, physically and emotionally. Imagine you are having surgery and the surgeon comes in and keeps having problems finding his tools. "Where did I leave that scalpel? Nurse have you seen my Bonesaw?" Not a nice pic is it.

6. Be flexible: Always be ready to adapt, learn and change depending on the situation. This is similiar to social darwinism. If you as a person do not evolve to better fit your enviorment then you will not survive. If something doesnt work repeatdly, try something else. Definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

7. Time Managment: You only have so much time in a day to work. Ask yourself this question: "Am I doing the most productive thing I can do right now?" Maximize your day with productivity and the sales will follow.

8. Listen, listen, listen: Chances are your not psychic. If so you would have won the lottery and wouldn't be in sales. Dont assume you know what a customer wants or needs. Believe it or not, easiest way to find out what they want or need is ask them. They'll tell you.

9. Take Control: Take control of the sale, take control of your life, take control of everything you can. Some things you can't control (ie. The weather) but most you can. Taking control of the sale: Remember you are the expert at this. Your customer doesn't buy everyday, yet you sell everday. A customer usually buys a car every 3 years. You sell 4 cars a week. Who is better prepared? Take control of your life: I have yet found someone that will live my life for me. If you don't take control of your life no one will. If you want something then get it. Remember you can blame everyone in the world for your failures, but in reality, the only one to blame is yourself.

10. HAVE FUN!!!: The more fun you have, the more money you make. I promise. Ask any top salesperson. They love their job. They can't wait to go to work. Some people think they love their job because they make alot of money. WRONG! They make alot of money because they love their job. I get to sit around all day, talk with people, and ride around in cars all day. What's not to love?

These are 10 simple steps that if you follow I ensure will help you be successful in sales. Good luck! - by jrboyd
They all have the same importance. So order doesn't matter. It's like me asking you which of the 10 commandments is most important. In reality there is not a single one, they ALL are a must. - by jrboyd
I agree with all of your 10 commandments. Every one makes sense. - by pcplumber
While this is well written and good information may I point out that, with the exception of LISTENING that not one sales skill is mentioned?

Interestingly, there is also no mention of review of skills or scripts - in other words "no practice".

CONTROL is not written in a way that suggests that you do not want to sit there answering questions, that you must ask them to succeed - just in a general way, that "you are the expert".

Do you believe in sales skills and training? - by Gold Calling
With out these 10 basics, you cant fully utilize your skills. So it's not necessarily I don't believe in them, its more than just the skills its about the mental mindset of the sales person. - by jrboyd
With out these 10 basics, you cant fully utilize your skills. So it's not necessarily I don't believe in them, its more than just the skills its about the mental mindset of the sales person.
I guess what I am asking you is - are there really 10 things more important that skills?

Actually, you did mention one skill that is important in selling - listening. Need I say that understanding your prospects needs/wants/desires is more critical than Time Management?

Again, I do not want to take away from the effort you put into writing this but I would teach PROBING, SUPPORTING, CLOSING and DEALING WITH CUSTOMER ATTITUDES before time management - just to make a point.

One of the basics of success in selling is the basics - basic sellign skills that is. - by Gold Calling
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