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What are simple ways to approach a business

I've basically got three questions here. This one is relating to the approach to a business initially.

My sons and I are insurance sales, and we mine using worksite products to meet business owners. Our principal means of soliciting are cold calls on the phone, where we use a simple script to seek an appointment. Our source of names is generally directoriesusa.com and that gives a name and a phone number.

Although we have done prequalifying calls from time to time, this adds about 4 or 5 minutes to a call and may not benefit the result much, though sometimes it has resulted in information seemingly not even close to directories info.

What I'm interested in is in how you all qualify a prospect when you are doing cold calls like we do, whether ahead of time or on the fly as you talk to the gatekeepers and owners, and what sense of asking for the appointment do you use.

For me and my kids, it's basically that "hi, my name is tom and I'm calling for Mr.____________ is he available?

Step 2 is Mr. ____________ my name is tom and I know you're busy, so I'm calling to ask for a few minutes of your time and hopefully you could help me by giving me your opinion on a worksite benefit we would like to propose to you for your employees. Would Friday morning be a good time for you? and go on from there. This is our approach to an appointment.

Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
with 15 words or less explain what your company does. Use vivid words to describe what your doing for the client.
I want to show you ( fill in your vivid description of what you can do for them) How does tuesday at 830 or thursday at 830 sound to you. - by rich34232
Hi Rich,

I've made thousands of cold calls. I'd suggest you experiment with changing one action of your approach and that would be experiment with asking them for their opinion on your program instead of just showing them your program.

Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
cold calling to set appointments right? Your the one asking.You do not have to accept. You do not have to try.Doing it thousands of time this should be a statement of how it is done.
Sorry thought you were asking for a little input
By the way I do experiment with changes in my approach and implement new strategies with my proposal and what I state during my presentation.
I will be more careful in the future - by rich34232
First off... I didn't realize that I started this thread....

I appreciate your brevity in your approach and am trying it out, actually. I use the words opinion and help under advise of others. Great advice, actually, for it improved our ratios by a factor of 3. Anytime someone can help me out, I like to share my fortune. Goes around comes around and as I learned teaching kids to fly, the more you try to make them better than you, the better you become...

Thanks for the help...

Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
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