The SALESPRACTICE brand of services include sales training, education, and consulting. These services are administered by the "Sales Education Alliance", a collaboration of researchers and practitioners sharing a deep understanding of the nature of personal selling, working together to (1) solve important academic/ commercial sales challenges, (2) raise the bar of understanding for educators/ trainers within the sales training and education industry, and (3) advance the practice of professional selling via education, training, and consulting.

Certificate in Professional Sales Practice

The SalesPractice™ Certificate in Professional Sales Practice is an upcoming certificate program designed to provide participants with a solid grounding in professional selling. This educational program is a two-day focused study of the fundamental knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors attributed to success in professional selling. After successful completion of the program students receive the "Certificate in Professional Sales Practice", a certificate which distinguishes graduates of the program as knowledgeable about the principles of selling.